At PakEase, we believe that every journey begins with a story. Our passion for travel was ignited by the captivating tales of adventure shared by my mother, who traversed Europe in an ice-cream truck during the 70s. These stories transformed a simple 'Australian country girl' into a curious explorer, eager to discover the wonders of the world. However, throughout my travels, two feelings remained constant: a deep love for exploring and an intense dislike for the cumbersome task of packing.


PakEase: From Idea to Inception

It was during our first overseas trip as a family of five, amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, that the frustrations of packing became all too real. Despite purchasing expensive packing cubes from various sources, we found ourselves using only a fraction of each set. This led to a series of questions: "Why couldn't everything fit into one pack?" "What do we do with unused bags?" "How can we solve the issue of broken zips?"
Driven by these challenges and armed with years of travel experience, I embarked on a mission to create comfortable, durable, and organized bags that could accommodate all our needs. Thus, PakEase was born.